Energoprojekt was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 1951 by merging two state-owned design institutes, namely “Hidro-Elektroprojekt” and “Termo-Elektroprojekt”, providing design and consulting services related to hydro power and thermal power generation, respectively. The new company was named “Hidro-Termo-Elektroprojekt”, soon to be changed to simply “Energoprojekt”.

In the first 10 years since being established, Energoprojekt’s engineers had designed the first thermal power plants in former Yugoslavia – TPP Kostolac, Morava, Kolubara and Kosovo, as well as several hydroelectric power plants.


#6 among consulting companies
#20 among engineering companies
#27 among project contractors

In 1980, Energoprojekt ranked #6 among consulting companies, #20 among engineering companies and #27 among project contractors.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Energoprojekt has grown to became a world renowned company, completing a significant number of capital worldwide projects that were significant both in terms of their complexity as well as their contract value.

Activities expanded on new markets, with Energoprojekt designing and constructing capital projects in Uganda, Botswana, Peru, Kenya, Iceland, Central African Republic, Zaire, Gabon, Panama and in numerous other countries where the company was already present.

Energoprojekt also initiated activities in the OPEC member countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Libya and Nigeria with power generation and transmission systems being the focus of attention.

In 1990, Energoprojekt undergone organizational transformation, resulting in the formation of Energoprojekt ENTEL as an independent company providing engineering design and consultancy services related to energy, water, telecommunication and environmental protection.

In the period that followed, Energoprojekt ENTEL continued with activities in Serbia and the South East Europe, while, at the same time, intensified its business in the Middle East region.

ENERGOPROJEKT ENTEL has enjoyed s constant presence in the Middle East market since 1991, continuously expanding its business operations and the ever-growing list of clients.

The first, large scale, engineering consultancy project (Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion – Phase IV) was awarded to ENTEL in Qatar in 1991, resulting in the establishment of company’s Qatar branch office. Since then, the business in Qatar has been rapidly growing.

In 1996, ENTEL operations were extended to Sultanate of Oman, with contract signed for the consultancy services to the Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water (MHEW). As the result of successful operation and increased business intensity, another two branch offices where established in Abu Dhabi (in 2002) and Dubai (in 2003).

In September 1997, Energoprojekt Group, as well as ENERGOPROJEKT ENTEL, underwent an ownership transformation, migrating from a state owned company to a joint stock company.

Cooperation with National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) in Jordan began in 2003 when ENTEL was contracted to provide consultancy services related to power transmission system. In addition, ENTEL has been pre-qualified with Electricity and Water Authority in Bahrain for execution of Consultancy Services.

Since 2013, ENTEL has been active in Sudan, providing consulting advisory services to Hassad Food Company and Qatar Electricity and Water Coorporation (KAHRAMAA).