Consultancy Services for Replacement of Seven (7) OHL Circuits with XLPE Cables in Underground Ventilated Service Tunnels, Dubai

The Consultancy Contract has been awarded to Energoprojekt ENTEL to perform Consultancy Studies for Replacement of Seven (7) OHL Circuits with XLPE Cables installed in Underground Ventilated Service Tunnels between the existing 400 kV substations Najma, Merkhad / Bukhidra, in order for the area of Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum District One to be cleared in view of real-estate development.

The 400 kV Undergrounding Works will also require further modifications of the 400 kV Merkhad/Bukhidra, Najma and Horse Race substations and construction of Transition Stations to accommodate the connection of future 400 kV Cable circuits.

Each 400 kV cable circuit will have two cable runs per phase and will be accommodated in one dedicated service tunnel. The tunnels will have shafts for natural ventilation and for dual forced / natural ventilation and access shafts at each road crossing.  Wherever forced ventilation intake is required, a forced ventilation head-house for each tunnel/circuit will be built at ground level around the respective shafts, each head-house serving two subsequent back-to-back forced ventilation sections.

The redundant 400 kV overhead lines will be dismantled after their decommissioning and energization of 400 kV cable circuits.

The scope of the Consultancy Contract consists of the following stages:

First Stage - Consultancy Services for study, design and recommend all necessary works required for replacement of the 400 kV overhead line circuits with XLPE Cables in Underground Ventilated Service Tunnels.

Second Stage – Consultancy Services for Preparation of Tender Documents for Implementation of the EPC Contract for Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning for 132kV Cable Diversion Works at Merkhad /Bukhidra Substations.

Services provided

First Stage:

  • Feasibility Study
  • System Studies
  • Environmental Study
  • Detailed Study

Second Stage:

  • Scope of Works
  • Technical Specifications
  • Complete Tender Documents

Technical data

  • Seven (7) 400kV Overhead Line Circuits to be replaced with XLPE Cables in Underground Ventilated Service Tunnels (total 50 km of tunnel).
  • Four (4) 400 kV Transition Stations to be built for termination of cable circuits
  • OHL Modification & Dismantling Works



Meydan Sobha Developments (MSD)


End User

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)