Harmonic Analysis Study and Equipment Condition Assessment for Four (4) Distribution 11/0.4kv Substations within HMC Woman's Hospital Area, Qatar

In the initial stage, Energoprojekt ENTEL conducted site survey at distribution system facilities within considered HMC hospitals. This included review of electrical equipment and facilities. Relevant information, data and drawings has been collected from the visited sites. Operating status of installed equipment has been assessed. Available statistical data from the service records has been compiled (load demand records, missing equipment data, etc.). During site survey activities, interviews with relevant personnel, responsible for operation and service of distribution system, has been carried out. This helped ENTEL to determine actual status of considered distribution system as a basis for further study activities. Based on the collected information and other data ENTEL established collective data base including all relevant information necessary for study execution.

The next step included harmonic measurements using a power quality analyzer (HIOKI 3196). The power quality analyzer recorded various system (power quality) parameters such as power factor, total voltage/current harmonic distortion, particular voltage/current harmonics, active power, reactive power, apparent power, voltage and current.  Measurements have been conducted for a certain period at relevant points. Based on results obtained further measurements have been conducted for a shorter time but greater sampling rate at particular locations in downstream network. This will be done to confirm exact source of harmonics if necessary. Within this activity ENTEL performed common measurements to determine present harmonic spectrum at the site. The results of measurements were used as common input for study of harmonic distortion within considered network.

Based on measurement results, ENTEL prepared the study of power quality effects to the distribution system, caused by existing equipment installed. Analysis of harmonics and other power quality parameters along with necessary calculations have been carried. These values have been compared with limits prescribed by international regulations and standards defining permitted levels. As part of study, ENTEL prepared detail report with recommendations for solving the problems, while also checking all existing equipment and facilities and assessing their impact on distribution network.

Services provided

  • Site Survey
  • Site measurements of power quality parameters
  • Analysis of measurements (Study)
  • Equipment Assessment Study
  • Detailed recommendation reports.

Technical data

  • Measurements of Power Quality Parameters
  • Harmonic and Power Quality Study
  • Equipment Assessment Study


Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)