Design Services for Wind Power Plants
ALIBUNAR 1 (96,6 MW) and ALIBUNAR 2 (71,4MW), Serbia

Wind power plants ALIBUNAr1 and ALIBUNAR 2 are located in the Municipality of Alibunar, Serbia. Project development was initiated in 2012, when location of the future Wind Power Plants and their possible capacities were examined. The initial Building Permit was obtained in 2015. Meanwhile, the expected changes of the Serbian Energy Low related to the field of renewable energy have given opportunity to Employer to consider introducing more efficient wind turbine generators, leading to the decision that Design for Buidling Permit is to be modified and new Buidling Permit obtained.

Energoprojekt ENTEL is in charge of preparing Technical Document depicting Modification of Design for Building Permit for Wind Power ALIBUNAR 1 and ALIBUNAR 2, as a result of the Client decision to modify capacity of the Plants. Scope of services include also selection of licenced local company to provide Technical review of Modified Design for Building Permit in a way that complete set of technical documentation required for submittal for request for Building Permit can be submitted to the relavnt state authority.

Services provided

  • Modification of Design for Building Permit
  • Technical Control (by Others)

Technical data

  • Number of wind turbines: WPP ALIBUNAR 1: 23 & WPP ALIBUNAR 2: 17
  • Total capacity: WPP ALIBUNAR 1: 96.6 MW & WPP ALIBUNAR 2: 71.4 MW
  • Commissioning: 2019



Wind Vision Wind Farm A doo Alibunar & Wind Vision Windfarm B doo Alibunar