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Construction of Wind Power Plant ČIBUK 1 (160 MW), Serbia

Wind Power Plant ČIBUK 1 represents one of the first and the largest wind power plant constructed in Serbia.

WPP CIBUK 1 is situated in the municipality of Kovin, in the north-east part of Serbia. The WPP has an installed capacity of cca 160 MW, comprising 57 wind turbines of 2.78 MW each. Wind turbine generators are connected by a wide network of 35kV cables to 35/400kV substation and further to Serbian power transmission system.

Energoprojekt ENTEL was in charge of assembling all relevant technical documentation as needed to obtain Building Permit. The indicated Services were provided to the Project Investor - Vetroelekrane Balkana d.o.o. Later on, ENTEL participated in development of Design for Execution, providing these services to the selected EPC contractor- CJR Renewables, Portugal.

Services provided

  • Feasibility Study and Basic Design
  • Detail design
  • Design documentation for connection to the transmission grid
  • Design for Execution (roads and foundations)

Technical data

  • Number of generator units: 57
  • Capacity of each generation unit: 2,78 MW
  • Total capacity: 158,46 MW
  • Grid voltage 400kV
  • Commissioning: 2019



Vetroelekrane Balkana d.o.o.