Construction of Wind Power Plant KOVACICA (104,5 MW), Serbia

Construction of Wind Farm KOVAČICA (104.5 MW), Serbia

Wind Farm KOVAČICA is located in the Municipality of Kovačica, Serbia, in the one of the windiest areas of Serbia. The development of the project began in 2012, when location of the future Wind Farm and its possible capacities had been examined. The 38 wind turbines installed enable the WPP to have a capacity of 104.5 MW. With annual production of 298.000 MWh of electricity, Wind Farm KOVAČICA contributes to the reduction of annual CO2 emissions by 250.000 t, while supplying 68.000 of households with much needed electricity.

Construction works began in the fall of 2017 and completed in late 2018.

The Wind Farm KOVAČICA has been in full operation with the status of an authorized producer of electricity since the middle of 2019.

Energoprojekt ENTEL has helped selected EPC Contractor to develop Design for Execution – Roads and Wind Turbine Foundations.

Services provided

  • Design for Execution – Roads and Turbine Foundations

Technical data

  • Number of WTG: 38
  • Installed power (planned): 104.5 MW
  • Date of Commissioning: 2018