21 Vlasina Wind Project

Vlasina Wind Project, Serbia

Vlasina Wind project, addressing design and construction of a demonstration wind turbine generator plant for regional electricity supply, was implemented in line with National Program of Energy Efficiency (NPEE).

This research project included estimation of wind potential in Vlasina Region, with two measuring masts erected at the selected locations: one, 50 m high, at location Golemi Vrh (1753 m a.s.l) and second, 30 m high, at location Stolovi (1703 m a.s.l). Data were collected approx. 13 months, in order to have a year-long measurements during each season and local weather conditions.

Services provided

  • Wind flow analysis in the Vlasina region
  • Measurement, data collection and evaluation of wind energy potential
  • Selection of wind plant location, including environmental impact analysis
  • Technical features: unit type and size, connection to electrical network, etc.
  • Possibility for wind farm erection with an aim to supply PAP (Pump Accumulation Plant) Lisina
  • Preliminary technical specifications (equipment and erection works)
    Study Report preparation

Technical data

  • Location of the 1st wind measuring mast: 1753 m asl
  • Height of the 1st wind measuring mast: 50 m
  • Location of the 2nd wind measuring mast: 1703 m asl
  • Height of the 2nd wind measuring mast: 30 m



Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection