BANAT 1-2-3

Construction of Wind Power Plants

BANAT 1 (92.4 MW), BANAT 2 (92.4 MW) & BANAT 3 (100.8 MW), Serbia

Banat region, in the north-east part of Serbia, is recognized as an area with considerable wind potential, as confirmed by numerous wind measurements and analysis performed up to date. Several wind power plants have already been installed in the area, while significant number of new plants are already under construction or are planned for construction in due time. Newly planned Wind Power Complex BANAT be constructed in the municipality of Alibunar and shall comprise thee Wind Power Plants, namely BANAT 1 (92.4 MW), BANAT 2 (92.4 MW) & BANAT 3 (100.8 MW), consisting of 22-24 wind turbines each. Wind generators shall be interconnected with 35 kV cable network, in several cable rings, to the 220/35 kV substation Vladimirovci and further to the transmission system owned by Serbian Transmission Operator (Elektromreze Srbije - EMS).

Energoprojekt ENTEL is in charge of developing design documentation in line with local regulations, from planning documentation stage up to the Design for Building Permit.

Services provided

  • Conceptual solution
  • Basic design
  • Design for Building Permit

Technical data

  • Number of wind turbines: 22+22+24
  • Total capacity (planned): 92.4+92.4+100.8 MW
  • Expected date of Commissioning: TBA



Vetroelektrana Banat doo, Alibunar