Construction of PV Power Station on the Roof of Soccer stadium RAJKO MITIC in Belgrade, Serbia

As one of the activities performed during the roof reconstruction on the Soccer Stadium Rajko Mitic in Belgrade (accommodating 51,755 visitors), Energoprojekt ENTEL developed a Business Plan for installation of PV power plant on the roof of the stadium. As proposed in the Business plan developed, PV plant was to be granted a status of privileged electricity producer, meaning that the price of electricity to be fed into the grid was to be in accordance with the feed-in tariffs defined by Serbian regulations.

Designed capacity of PV power plant to be installed on the roof of the Rajko Mitic stadium was 500 kW.

Services provided

  • Business plan

Technical data

  • Number of installed PV panels: 2000
  • Capacity of each panel: 250 W
  • Total designed capacity: 500 kW



Energoprojekt ENTEL