9 Reduction of NOx emissions in TPP Nikola Tesla A, TPP Nikola Tesla B and TPP Kosotolac B

Reduction of NOx emissions in TPP Nikola Tesla A, unit 6 (348.5 MW), TPP Nikola Tesla B (2x 667.5 MW) and TPP Kostolac B, unit 2 (348.5 MW), Serbia

The project was executed with an aim to propose technical solutions for reduction of NOx emissions in boilers TPP Nikola Tesla A, unit A6, TPP Nikola Tesla B, units B1 and B2. Implementation of primary NOx reduction measures (through modifications made in the boilers and installation of low-NOx burners) were planned. Emission of NOx oxides were to be reduced to below 200 mg/Nm3, in line with Serbian regulations. The NOx reduction measures were not to impact efficiency of operation and other important operation parameters.

Services provided

  • Basic design
  • Feasibility study
  • Cost-Benefit analysis and social-economic issues (in line with EU guidelines)

Technical data

  • Outlet NOx concentrations: < 200 mg/m3
  • deNOx technology: primary NOx reduction measures




Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)