Reduction of NOx emissions discharged from Unit 4 of TPP Nikola Tesla A, Serbia

The project, partly financed by the EU funds, with Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy as the Final Beneficiary and the PE Electric Power Industry of Serbia as the End-user, was implemented with an aim to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from Unit A4 of TPP Nikola Tesla A. NOx emissions are reduced below 200 mg/Nm3, in line with Serbian legislation on pollutant emission from large combustion plants. Primary NOx reduction measures, including installation of low-NOx burners, have been implemented.

Project benefits:
• Lower levels of air pollutant emissions from TPP Nikola Tesla A;
• Continued operation of Unit A4 in the future 15+ years, ensuring safe and reliable electricity supply to consumers;
• Reduced dependency rate on electricity imports, benefiting Serbia’s balance of payments through prevented outflows.

The project is implemented under FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

Services provided

  • FIDIC Engineer
  • Project Management

Technical data

  • Capacity of the unit: 329 MW
  • DeNOx measures : primary measures in the boiler
  • NOx emissions: ≤ 200 mg/m3
  • Commissioning: 2018




Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia, Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programs (CFCU)