4 Construction new power unit (350 MW) in TPP Kostolac B, Serbia

Construction of new power unit (350 MW) in TPP Kostolac B, with reconstruction of associated 110/0.6 kV transformer station and 110 kV power line, Serbia

Construction of new 350 MW unit in TPP Kostolac B represent the most significant investment project in the energy sector of Serbia during the last 25 years. The new unit shall be of modern design, based on utilization of ultra-supercritical technology (with 254 bar, 571oC steam), high efficiency and implementation of all necessary environmental protection measures.

The unit shall cover the base load of power demand with annual operation of 7.500 h/a.

Project investment value equals app. 700 mil USD. The project is implemented under FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

Services provided

  • Basic design
  • Feasibility study
  • FIDIC Engineer services during project execution
  • Technical control and approval of Design for Building Permit
  • Construction supervision

Technical data

  • Capacity of the unit: 350 MW
  • Fuel type: lignite
  • Efficiency: 44,99%
  • SO2 emission: < 150 mg/m³
  • SOx emission: < 200 mg/m³
  • Dust emission: < 10 mg/m³
  • Unit availability: 90%




Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)