A3-A6 Nikola Tesla A

Optimization of Heat Production in TPP NIKOLA TESLA A for the Purpose of Facilitating District Heating of the City of Belgrade and the Municipality of Obrenovac

In order to optimize heat production for district heating purposes of the City of Belgrade from the TPP NIKOLA TESLA A units, various water heating options were considered. The most favorable technical solution was selected through the techno-economic analysis. When optimizing heat production, special attention was drawn to the space available for equipment accommodation, constraints of the existing equipment, design parameters of new equipment and cost of equipment by options proposed, additional electricity consumption and additional operating expenses by options proposed. As a result, a technical solution was obtained, which enabled to reduce heat losses in electricity generation for even 20MW compared to the base-case scenario, for the same amount of heat produced.

Services provided

  • Optimization of water heating system for district heating purposes
  • Elaboration of the selected technical solution to the level of Basic Design documentation
  • Elaboration of main thermodynamic parameters for the purpose of financial and economic analysis
  • Elaboration of the additional expenses resulting from district heating
  • Heat cost calculation

Technical data

  • TPP Nikola Tesla A3-A6 ~4x350MW
  • DHS of the City of Belgrade 140/75°C, 600MJ/s




Public Enterprise Electric Power Industry of Serbia (JP EPS)