37 Replacement of electrostatic precipitator TPP Nikola Tesla A4 - IZBRISATI DATUM U DNU

Replacement of electrostatic precipitator in Unit 4 of
TPP Nikola Tesla A(308.5 MW), Serbia

Replacement of electrostatic precipitator in Unit 4 (308.5 MW), TPP Nikola Tesla A, was performed with an aim to facilitate dust emission to be reduced to the level of 50 mg/m3. The reconstruction included the following scope of works:
1. Project Management
2. Engineering
3. Procurement of Equipment and Materials
4. Erection Works
5. Functional Testing
6. Commissioning
7. Personnel Training
8. Maintenance - Warranty Period

The Consortium comprised of Energoprojekt Entel and Energoprojekt Oprema, as a selected EPC contractor, provided full scope of engineering, procurement and contracting activities that resulted in fully functional EPS replacement, carried out in line with required quality and time allowed for work execution.

Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Participation in project planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Participation in suppliers coordination
  • Final design
  • As-built design:
    • Steel construction
    • Concrete construction
    • Facade wrapping
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
  • Participation in testing, commissioning and taking over

Technical data

  • Capacity of the unit: 308.5 MW
  • Dust emissions at the ES outlet: < 50 mg/m3
  • No of ESP chasing: 2
  • Active height of electric field: 16 m
  • Active length of electric field: 4 x 3,5 = 14 m
  • Number of dedusting fields (zones) for each ESP: 4
  • Total load during operation: 990 kW



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