36 Construction of central gas fired power station, Musandam Area, Oman

Construction of central gas fired power station, Musandam Area, Oman

The construction of the Central gas fired power plant in Musandam area was initiated in order to meet electricity demands in Governorate of Musandam up to 2025. The Plant was to be erected in three phases: The six (5+1) generation units in the final phase are selected so as to be of the 30 MW capacity each. Stand-by unit is also foreseen to cover the lost capacity in the plant according (n-1) concept of security and reliability.

Partial connection to 33 kV transmission system (two units) and 132 kV transmission system (remaining units) is recognized as the most favorable option. In that respect the introduction of new transmission voltage level of 132 kV in Musandam is proposed for main transmission grid, enabling also interconnection of Musandam power system with neighboring systems in UAE, in addition to the existing interconnections on the 33 kV level.

Based on the major Project milestone, the estimated period for the project execution up to the Commercial Operated Date (COD) of Central Gas Fired Power Plant (first stage: 4xGT of 30MW ISO rating range) is 24 months.

Economic analysis of the considered gas-fired power plant construction has been performed through comparison of the project costs and benefits, with an ultimate goal to provide feasibility evaluation of the project.

Services provided

  • Site visit & data collection
  • Detail analysis of collected data
  • Conceptual Design
  • Feasibility Report
  • Management, control and verification of the Project

Technical data

  • Generation units: total of six (5+1) units, 30 MW each
  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Transmission connection: partial
    connection to 33 kV transmission
    system (two units) and 132 kV
    transmission system (remaining units)




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