Extension and rehabilitation of water supply & power generation facility at Masirah Wilayat, Oman

The project envisaged extension and rehabilitation of water supply and power generation unit at Masirah Wilayat, with the following goals:

• construction of new desalination plant
• power generation increase
• construction of: the new 4000 m3 product water reservoir
• construction of the new 2800 m3 service water reservoir
• construction of 3000 m long water distribution network
• rehabilitation of the existing facilities.

Services provided

  • Water and power demand forecast;
  • Study and evaluation of various design options;
  • Creating of: Preliminary Design, Final Design and Tender documents;
  • Assistance to the Client during tendering period;
  • Bids' evaluation and recommendation of the most successful Tenderer;
  • Assistance to the Client in the negotiation and preparation of Contract Documents;
  • Detail Design approval and
  • Construction supervision.

Technical data

  • Desalination capacity: 4x500 m3/day
  • Power generation increase: 3.0 MW (diesel generators)




Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water, Oman