Completion of Al-Shemal Thermal Power Station, 4x350 MW, Iraq

Al-Shemal (North) Thermal Power Station is to be located at Mosul Province, on the right bank of the Tigris River, approximately 360 km to the North of Baghdad. Total installed capacity of the blended liquid fuel fired station shall reach 1400 MW. The station is planned to comprise four (4) units, each generating 350 MW of energy, operating at a power factor of 0.8 and connected to the 400 kV grid. The project was originally initialized in 1988, envisioning 2x350 MW power station to be constructed, but was never completed. Civil works commenced in the early 1989. Until 1990, when all the works had been stopped, approximately 45% of the project’s civil works had been completed. Until 2003, when all project activities have again ceased, all main contracts for Major Equipment Supply, Erection and Civil Works have been defined and signed.

Energoprojekt ENTEL developed Bidding documentation for completion of the TPP Al Shemal, meaning the completion of the works initiated for erection of two 350 MW units, as well as provision of all necessary works, services and equipment for erection of additional two 350 MW units.

Services provided

  • Bidding document preparation
  • Technical specifications

Technical data

  • Capacity of the unit: 4x350 MW
  • Fuel: blended liquid fuel
  • Location: Mosul Province




Ministry of Electricity, Republic of Iraq (CFCU)