18 Adaptation of Unit B2 in TPP Kostolac B,

Adaptation of Unit B2 (348.5 MW) in TPP Kostolac B, including
reconstruction of electrostatic precipitator, Serbia

Reconstruction of Unit 2 (348,5 MW) included activities on the main Unit components: turbine auxiliary plants, boiler plant, steam and other pipelines, electrostatic precipitator and electric power facilities. As a leader of EPC Consortium selected to carry out works, Energoprojekt ENTEL was involved in all activities associated with refurbishment of the Unit. The project goals were set as follows:

  • To achieve nominal output of 348.5 MW (unit has had a considerably lower operational output)
  • To increase availability and efficiency of operation
  • To reach boiler design parameters
  • To reduce dust emission.

Adaptation/modernization of power generation units with partial equipment replacement has shown to be considerably more complex when compared to erection of completely new units. Project management services have proven to be of crucial importance for successful project implementation.

Services provided

  • Leader of the EPC Consortium
  • Organization, coordination, project planning and management
  • Engineering, contract and commercial – financial administration
  • Preparation and control of the design documentation and the coordination of the projects
  • Coordination of the interface between the existing and adapted systems/plants
  • Construction site mobilization and demobilization
  • Equipment and material procurement, control and delivery
  • Disassembly of the existing equipment and material
  • Assembly of the equipment and performance of other machinery works
  • Testing, adjustment and start-up
  • Preparation of the As-built designs and the Operation and maintenance manual
  • Preparation of instructions for assembly of equipment, testing and inspection procedures (in the factory/on construction site) and procedures for putting into operation
  • Training of the operating and maintenance personnel
  • Take-over, commissioning and Project close-out.

Technical data

  • Capacity of the unit: 348,5 MW
  • Fuel type: lignite
  • Boiler parameters: 1000 t/h, 186 bar, 540°C




Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)