22 EIA for TPP Kolubara B 350 MW

Reactivation of TPP Kolubara B project, Serbia

Decision on the construction of CHP Kolubara B was initially made in 1984. Construction of CHP Kolubara B (2x350 MW) and related coal mine Tamnava-Zapadno polje represented the most significant investment project of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia in the early 80’s of the last century. During the following years all relevant technical documentation was assembled, contracts with equipment manufactures signed and the construction had commenced. Due to financial difficulties, construction was suspended in 1990. In 1996, EPS has decided to reactivate the project, primarily with respect to preparation of planning and technical documentation, analyses and estimates related to the continued construction.

In 2018, the Joint Venture Energoprojekt ENTEL – AF Consult has won a contract for conducting comprehensive consulting and design services addressing completion of TPP Kolubara B construction. Construction of only one 350 MW unit is planned, producing electricity only, while initially envisaged combined heat and power production has been decided not to be carried through.

Consultancy services include several stages:

  • Due diligence with respect to the state of the construction (documentation, delivered equipment, concrete and steel constructions), integration of power generation unit into the electric power system of Serbia, available permits, relevance of the urban-planning documentation and identification of currently in force environmental requirements,
  • Techno-economic analysis, with variant solutions and related investment estimates,
  • Concept design and Basic design, Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment Study,
  • Technical specification as needed for bidding document preparation and EPC selection, assistance in bid evaluation (technical aspects only),
  • Permit provision.

Services provided

  • Due Diligence
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Basic design
  • Feasibility study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Technical specifications
  • Permit Engineering

Technical data

  • Capacity: 350 MW
  • Fuel: lignite




Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)