Consultancy services for developing thirteen (13) Doha zones master plans & distribution network design & capacity improvement, Qatar

The scope of the project consists of the following:

  • Develop the methodologies and estimate the demand requirements of the 13 zones in Doha, capital of Qatar, for the next five years (medium term) and the ultimate (long term) demand in order to develop master plans for each zone in an integrated manner. The demand forecast methodology shall consider, but not limited to, the following:
    • Existing demand and growth in previous years
    • Building permits in process, approved and pending
    • Bulk customer applications including Qatar Rail and World Cup requirements
    • Area load density analysis considering the existing land use and future plan. This shall also consider the potential of existing old building to be converted to multi story structure based on MMUP area building code & specifications for future development.
    • Influx of population in the area, Qatari and Expat energy use and probable changes in the future.
  • Determine the number of primary substations required, their optimal locations, size of substations, supply plan from the transmission network and develop the medium and long term master plans supported with system studies. This includes, review the 11kV existing network and proposal of feasible plan to relieve the existing OOF primaries by shifting loads to the new proposed primaries.
  • Review the Distribution Planning Manual-EP-DD-M1 (rev-2) and the configuration at primary substations, primarily considering the design and reliability criteria of the 11kV network and recommend an optimal design and reliability criteria to be followed to maximize the use of available capacity of primary substations, minimize the number of outgoing feeders from the primary substations and optimize the use of distribution reservation in the utility corridors by recommending new techniques of cable laying and cable sizes. The review shall also include the use of 3x40 MVA transformers at the primary substations and means to limit the fault current to 25 kA at 11kV bus (using appropriate current limiting devices) for parallel operation and/or recommend changes in the reliability criteria for isolated operation (1+1+1 or 2+1). Study the operating philosophy of 11 kV networks (ring system and mesh networks) and redefine the requirements of network reliability keeping in view the GCC and international utility practices
  • Review the existing specifications and develop specifications and design parameters for capacitor installation at five different locations. The capacitors would be installed on the 11 kV side of 66/11 or 132/11 transformers. The Consultant shall determine the optimal size of capacitor banks per transformer, optimal number of stages per capacitor bank, capacitor bank design parameters, including space requirement, voltage ratings, operating and control philosophy, tuning reactor specifications, etc,. The consultant shall perform harmonic analysis and measurements to optimize the design. The measurements at each location shall be done for one complete week.

Services provided

  • Develop methodologies and estimate Areas (Zone) Wise Medium and Long Term Demand Requirements
  • Development of Areas Master Plans
  • Review of Distribution Network Design, Specifications and Reliability Criteria and Updating Distribution Planning Manual
  • Design & Specifications for 11 kV Capacitor Banks Installation

Technical data

  • Master plans for 13 distribution areas in Doha


Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA), Qatar