Arc Flash Study in Q-Chem & Q-Chem II, Qatar

The objective of the project is to evaluate the risk levels for the switchgears & MCCs in accordance with NFPA 70E & IEEE 1584, to determine arc flash boundary & safe working distances and to perform incident energy analysis.

Services provided

  • Arc flash hazard analysis for related distribution system
  • Establishment of common model, with arc flash components of network elements
  • Comparison of values established in arc flash study with the limits prescribed by international NFPA 70E & IEEE 1584 standards
  • Preparation of general recommendation based on Arc Flash Study
  • Determination of protective clothing & personal protective equipment (PPE) for working within the arc flash boundary, including preparation of specification for PPEs, as well as preparation of area wise MTO/BOQ.
  • Proposal for mitigation measures to reduce the hazard level for each switchgear in case of Arc Flash incident energies exceeding the limits of PPE category 4.

Technical data

  • Arc Flash Study


Qatar Chemical Company Limited