Water Transmission System for Central Desalination Plant at Sur and Water Supply schemes to Al Sharqiya Region, Oman

The project scope included the following:

  • Transmission Pipeline of 350 km ranging from DN 100 to ND 900 out of which 115 km is Carbon Steel (CS) and 253 of Ductile Iron (DI)
  • Chambers - 380 Air Valve Chambers, 350 Washout Chambers & 53 Line Valve Chambers
  • 30 compounds, some with Pumping Station and some with Tanker Filling Station only.
  • 9 Pumping Stations with different flow rates and heads (flow rates ranging from 2500 m3/hr to 4000 m3/hr) and its switchgear and MCC’s for control system with Chlorination Building and Guard House.
  • 13 Tanker Filling Stations with 2 bays for small tanker and 1 bay for big tanker with Guard House
  • 15 Nos. of Ground Reservoirs ranging from 800 m3 to 5000 m3 of water capacity.
  • 7 Nos. of elevated water tower of 30 m height, ranging from 80 m3 to 900 m3 with its pumping stations
  • 315 km of Fiber Optic Cable for SCADA with various components of mini and master RTU’s and main control station at Sur Pumping Station.
  • 100 km of Overhead Electrical Transmission Line 33 kV & 11 kV with its transmission towers etc.

Services provided

  • Construction supervision of Water Supply Schemes to Ash Sharqyiah Region,
  • Preliminary Design, Final Design and Tender Documents preparation for Additional Tanker Filling Station in Ash Sharqiyah Region,
  • Preliminary Design, Detail Design and Tender preparation for Water Supply to Wadi Bani Khalid,
  • Construction supervision of Additional Tanker Filling Stations in Ash Sharqiyah Region and Water supply to Wadi Bani Khalid,
  • Preliminary Design, Final Design and Tender Documents preparation for Distribution Network in Wadi Bani Khalid.


Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW)