Reconstruction and Modernization of Five 110/35 Kv Grid Stations, Serbia

The project addresses the reconstruction and modernization of five 110/35 kV transformer substations in Serbia, which have been operating for several decades now, some even for more than 40 years. These substations are irreplaceable segments of Serbia's power grid as they practically represent the only source of electricity supply for a large portion of local population and business facilities. Also, these substations constitute an important element in the transmission system because of their location and interconnections with other elements that serve for the transfer of a considerable amount of electricity.

ENTEL provides design and consulting services that include preparation of technical documentation, including a Conceptual Design, Basic Design and Design for Building Permit, as well as the development of a feasibility study and tender documentation for equipment procurement and work execution. In addition to the preparation of technical documentation, EPE, on behalf of the Investor, is responsible for managing the entire tendering procedure, while also providing permitting services during the reconstruction of all five substations. The reconstruction works involve complete replacement of equipment in 110/35 kV substations, the replacement of power transformers and protection and control systems equipment, the installation of new modern remote control and monitoring devices, the replacement of unit auxiliary equipment, the replacement and extension of telecommunication equipment, and the construction of new storage facilities while honoring project technical and aesthetic requirements. All of the above needs to be performed within plot boundaries of the existing substations.

Services provided

  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic Design
  • Design for Building Permit
  • Feasibility Study
  • Permit Engineering

Technical data

  • Transformer Station Beograd 10
  • Transformer Station Pozarevac 1
  • Transformer Station Raska
  • Transformer Station Kursumlija
  • Transformer Station Bor 1


Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)