EPIC for Route Survey, Design, Construction, Installation & Hook Up of Oil Flowlines, Gas Lift Flowlines & Pwi Spurlines in Dukhan Fields, Qatar

The project scope is detailed design and engineering services for hooking up of all new crude oil producer wells, PWI wells, gaslift flowlines, new source water wells, recirculation wells and carrying out workover of existing oil producer wells, PWI wells, gaslift flowlines, Khuff gas wells and Arab-D wells as required by QP Production Department, as follows:

  • Hooking up of all the new Crude Oil Producing wells drilled in Dukhan Fields, to the nearest Degassing Stations with individual 6” flowlines.
  • Hooking up of Crude Oil flow line / well’s operating / process data with the Real Time Wellhead Data monitoring system (SCADA system), Real Time Operating Centre (RTOC) as well as DIC (Dukhan Information Centre).
  • Hooking up of all the crude oil producing wells with 3’’ NPS high pressure gaslift flowline from the nearest gaslift manifold stations in Dukhan Fields.
  • Replacing of existing Tags at gaslift manifold stations tie-in location
  • Hooking up all the new PWI (Powered Water Injection) wells drilled in Dukhan Fields with the PWI Ring Main, to respective Cluster station or both ring main and Cluster station as required.
  • Hooking up of the new PWI Source Water Wells drilled within 150 meters from the existing wells.
  • Installation of approximately 100 meters 8” NB (HDPE lined) pipeline from source water wellheads to (tie-in point at on the discharge line of downhole pumps to connect with) PWI booster pump suction headers.
  • Installation of new 8” HDPE lined flowlines from the PWI stations PS-1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to the new recirculation wells drilled for each station.
  • Addition of Instrumentation requirements for abandoned wells
  • Addition of Instrumentation, CP requirements for Observation wells
  • De-oiling of the 4” and 6” Crude oil flowlines identified by QP.
  • Hydro-testing of the existing flow lines and spurlines of 4” and 6”
  • Provision of field instruments and devices as per the typical P&IDs
  • Connecting field instrumentation to respective monitoring station or plant automation systems and other station automation systems
  • Redundant radio communications network from the wellheads except wellheads under RG Plant shall be hooked up to the existing radios at the access points
  • Installation of solar power system to meet well head power requirement for instrumentation, telecom, CP and F & G system for existing and new wells as applicable.

Services provided

  • Project Management and Administration
  • Review & Endorsement of Standard Design Documents
  • Review & Endorsement of Subcontractors’ Documents
  • Review & Endorsement of Material Submittals
  • Detailed Design Scope
  • Wellhead & Workover packages


Galfar Al Misnad / Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar