EPIC for Pre-Requisites For Mothballing and Decommissioning of NGL-2 Plant, Mesaieed, Qatar

The project scope addresses detailed design and engineering services for the major modification works, required for the Mothballing and/or Decommissioning of NGL-2 Plant subsequently. Following pre-requisites for Mothballing and Decommissioning of NGL-2 Plant are implemented as part of the Project:

  • Slug Handling and Processing
    Diversion of the OFFRAG to the three existing relatively high capacity off-spec product drums that were installed with the Flare Mitigation Project recently in the common area of NGL-1 and 2.
  • Hot Oil System
    Supply of hot oil to the existing desalination plants from NGL-1 hot oil system after decommissioning of NGL-2.
  • Boil Off Recovery System
    Relocation of two of the existing butane condenser systems (originally installed to condense propane vapor) to propane refrigerant compressor area (area 25).
  • Medium pressure Lean gas supply to flare mitigation vessels (V- 1683A/B/C)
    Tap lean gas from outside battery limit of NGL-3 plant for uninterrupted supply of medium pressure lean gas to flare mitigation vessels to facilitate smooth product transfer to downstream processing units.
  • Rerouting of the existing butane return line from QCHEM from NGL-2 to NGL-1 for further processing.
  • Diversion of the existing pentane return line from QAFAC to NGL slug catcher surge drum.
  • Isolation of NGL-2 flare system from common NGL-1 and 2 flare system.
  • LPG quantity in QAPCO return line is expected to be increased after decommissioning of NGL-2. Adequacy of instrumentation items, such as flow element, flow transmitters, densitometer, restriction orifice and pressure control valve, in the LPG return line from QAPCO to be checked.

Services provided

  • Project Management and Administration
    • All project procedures related to the project programme, scheduling, reporting, etc.
    • Project meetings and follow up as it might be required.
    • Project Administration.
    • Preparation of the Documents Control Schedules, Drawing Registers, Time Schedule, etc. as required by Tender Documents.
  • Site Survey
    • Site Visits, Data Collection and Preparation of Worksite Survey Report.
  • Detailed Design Scope
    • Preparation of Specifications, Calculations, Data Sheets and Detail Design Drawings for Engineering Works related to process, piping/mechanical, civil/ structural, electrical, instrumentation and loss prevention design works in accordance with the QP requirements.
  • System Studies
  • Purchase Assistance
    • Review of the Vendor’s drawings, material submittals and other technical data,
  • “As-Built” Drawings
    • Preparation of “As-Built” drawings as per red-marked AFC drawings, stamped and approved by QP.


Galfar Al Misnad / Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar