Dukhan Township 11kV Distribution System Upgrade, Qatar

In order to improve, enhance and upgrade the 11kv distribution system in Dukhan Township to meet the evergrowing electrical power requirements in the area up to year 2022, Energoprojekt ENTEL was engaged by Qatar Petroleum to prepare EPIC Tender Package in order to solicit the EPIC Contractor (Voltage Engineering) to build and construct following facilities:

  • Demolition of Various Existing Substations,
  • Design/Construction of Replacement and New Substations,
  • Improvements/ Load Balancing of 11kV Network
  • Redistribution of 11kV & LV Loads,
  • Replacement of 11kV & LV Cables
  • All Related Building Services And Safety Equipment

After successful completion of FEED Project, Energoprojekt ENTEL was engaged by Voltage Engineering (EPIC Contractor) as an Engineering Design Subcontractor to carry out complete Site Survey, Detailed Design and Engineering works for following facilities:

  • Four new 11/0.415kV substations
  • Demolition of fifteen existing 11/0.415kV substations
  • Seven new 11/0.0415kV substations complete with Building Services, Fire Detection, Safety and Protection equipment to replace above mentioned demolished substations
  • Modification of existing 11kV rings and installation of new 11kV rings associated with demolition of existing substations and construction of new substations
  • Transfer of existing HV/LV loads to new substations and associated works
  • Modification of existing fibre optic communication network and installation of new FO cables and associated works

Services provided

  • Site Survey and Document Retrieval
  • Electrical, Architectural, Civil. Telecommunications, Loss Prevention and Building Services engineering activities covering:
    • All necessary calculations, appropriate studies and analyses for optimization of the 11kV and LV distribution system the sizing and selection of equipment and the specification of materials.
    • FEED Design
  • EPIC Tender Package and Cost Estimate
  • Detailed Design
  • Purchase Assistance
  • As-built drawings

Technical data

  • 11 nos 11/0.415kV Substations
  • 22 nos 11/0.433kV Transformers
  • 11 nos 415V Switchgears
  • 10.35km of 11kV Cable Lines


Qatar Petroleum (QP) / Voltage Engineering