Consultancy services for design and supervision of 220KV Izki GS & 400 KV Transmission line from Sur to Izki, Oman

Oman Electricity Transmission Company S.A.O.C. [OETC] has conducted a pre-investment appraisal of Sur Power Station Connection - Phase 2 completion. Project completion was examined with respect to regulatory framework, as well as capital costs needed. The results of the pre-investment study identified the following projects as a first step towards achieving the overall project objectives:  1) Construction of Double Circuit 400kV line between Sur PS and Izki (Tender 28/2012) and 2) Construction of 220 KV GS at Izki.

ENTEL provided a wide scope of consultancy services for electrical & mechanical works at IZKI, with new 220 kV GIS, extension works at Sur IPPGS and construction of 245 km of double circuit 400 kV transmission line from Sur to Izki.

Services provided

  • Preparation of conceptual design report
  • Preparation of Tender documents/drawings.
  • Bid Evaluation and tender clarifications.
  • Recommendation of the preferred Bidder to the client
  • Design review of the documents/drawings prepared by the Contractors design Consultant. Vendor approvals and review of vendor drawings.
  • Supervisory services for the construction works of all disciplines, testing and commissioning of equipment, auditing of EPC contractor’s claims etc.
  • Variation Order approvals and Advising OETC on all contractual matters.
  • Preparation of Project closure reports.

Technical data

  • Part 1: New 220 kV GIS at IZKI: (7) bays, 400 kV gantry for incoming line (from Sur IPPGS) termination Installation of 220/132 KV; 500 MVA Auto transformers (2 nos), 2 nos 1000 KVA Earthing Auxiliary Transformers, 2 nos Neutral Earthing Resistors
  • Part 2: extension works at Sur IPPGS - extension of the existing 220 kV GIS (2) bays, Gantry sized (2) 400 kV OH line circuits, modification of SCS and telecommunication system
  • Part 3: Construction of 245 km of double circuit 400 kV transmission line from Sur to Izki on steel lattice towers in double delta formation with quad YEW conductor, OPGW with 48 fibers and intermediate repeater station.



Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC)