EPIC for Deaerator at NGL-3, upgrade of propane truck loading system in NGL plant and flare knock out draining facilities at NGL-4, Meesaied, Qatar

The project scope includes preparation of Detailed Design documents and drawings for the following Scope of Work:

  • Installation of Membrane based De-aerator System and Associated Facilities at Demineralized Water Plant, NGL-3Removal Of Dead Legs At Khatiyah South Degassing Station; The objective is to reduce the dissolved oxygen in DM water used for AGRU NGL-3, to less than 0.05 mg/L (50 PPB) to meet the required specification
  • Upgrade of Propane Truck Loading System in NGL Plant, Mesaieed.
    The objective is to upgrade the existing propane truck loading system by replacing the weighbridge and associated instrumentation and control to provide a safe, reliable and accurate tanker loading facility. The proposed FACILITY to be implemented shall include permanent loading facility and temporary loading facility.
  • V-8701 Flare KO Drum Draining Facilities at NGL-4
    The objective is to resolve various problems faced with NGL-4 flare KOD operation due to Caustic/ADIP carry over by installing V-8701 flare KOD draining facilities which contains a small pot and associated piping, instruments, components etc.

Services provided

Project Management and Administration

  • All project procedures related to the project programme, scheduling, reporting, etc.
  • Project meetings and follow up as it might be required
    Project Administration
  • Preparation of the Documents Control Schedules, Drawing Registers, Time Schedule, etc.

Site Survey

  • Site Visits, Data Collection and Preparation of Worksite Survey Report


DOPET / Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar