Western Serbia Transmission System Upgrade to 400 kV level

The project, financed by German development bank KfW, bears great importance for the power transmission system in Western Serbia, as well as the power transmission systems in southeastern Europe and Italy. The project involves replacement of the existing 220 kV overhead line between Bajina Basta and Obrenovac Transformer Substations, as the ones can no longer meet the demand for an increased transmission capacity. Additional reasons lie in the growing operating and maintenance costs that make the replacement much needed.

New 400 kV OHL is to be installed, enabling a future interconnection between South East Europe and Italy to be established. The Transformer Substations are to be reconstructed accordingly.

Having in mind the topography of the mountainous region of Western Serbia, the project was particularly challenging with respect to site survey and selection of the most suitable 400 kV OHL route.

Services provided

  • Conceptual Design
  • Preliminary Design & Feasibility Study
    • Review of previous studies related to the Project
    • Accommodation of the existing Feasibility study to the national legislation
    • Identification of major system elements
    • Preparation of technical documentation (Preliminary solutions, Preliminary Design) for each of the substations and the 400 kV overhead line
    • Economic evaluation of proposed options
    • Testing proposed options under social and economic criteria
    • Technical and economic aspects of final technical proposal
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    • EIA scope application to the relevant Authority for each substation, as well as for the 400 kV line
    • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies
    • Public hearing
    • Approval by the Ministry of Environment

Technical data

  • Length of 400 kV line: 110 km



Serbian Power Transmission Operator (Elektromreža Srbije – EMS)