Detail Design and Engineering Services for Integration of HP Steam Boiler & DM Water Plant, Qatar

The project scope includes detailed design and engineering services for all works required for substitution of existing auxiliary steam supply from adjacent plant (QAPCO) and connection of new boiler to existing steam headers.

Provision of all necessary utilities such as natural gas and hydrogen supply, row water supply, DM water supply, condensate return, waste water discharge, fire water system etc. is included in piping/mechanical scope of works.

Electrical and I&C scope of works include power supply to all new equipment and connection of all Vendor junction boxes and field instruments to existing MC/DCS.

Civil/structural part of work consists of detail design of new pipe rack and modification of existing pipe racks and foundations required to cater for additional loads imposed by new pipes.

Services provided

  • Project Management and Administration
    • All project procedures related to the project programme, scheduling, reporting, etc.
    • Project meetings and follow up as it might be required.
    • Project Administration.
    • Preparation of the Documents Control Schedules, Drawing Registers, Time Schedule, etc. as required by Tender Documents.
  • Site Survey
    • Site Visits, Data Collection and Preparation of Worksite Survey Report.
  • Detailed Design Scope
    • Preparation of all required piping/mechanical, civil, electrical, instrumentation and loss prevention construction/demolition design works in accordance with the project requirements.
  • “As-Built” Drawings
    • Preparation of “As-Built” drawings as per red-marked AFC drawings, stamped and approved by QP

Technical data

  • HP steam boiler gross output 85 t/h
  • Design pressure p=45 bar
  • Design temperature t=400 oC
  • DM water plant production q=125 m3/h


Qatar Vinyl Company, Qatar