C4+ Product Pipeline to Qatar Petroleum Company (QAPCO) for Linera Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Project, Qatar

The project scope is detailed design and engineering services for new pipeline for export of Q-CHEM C4+ product (Butane and Heavier) to QAPCO for further processing to feedstock for the LAB project.

The project scope is summarized in the following sections:

  • Segregation of Streams 402 and 529 from the C4+ Product
  • Replacement of the Existing Liquid Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Flow Control of the C4+ Product to QAPCO, Using the Existing 02-FV-41932
  • C4+ Product from the Boiler Tie-in to Pipeline Tie-in
  • A new 3” pipeline from Q-CHEM to QAPCO
  • Connections for mobile pig launchers/receivers

Services provided

  • Project Management and Administration
    • All project procedures related to the project programme, scheduling, reporting, etc.
    • Project meetings and follow up as it might be required.
    • Project Administration.
    • Preparation of the Documents Control Schedules, Drawing Registers, Time Schedule, etc. as required by Tender Documents.
  • Site Survey
    • Site Visits, Data Collection and Preparation of Worksite Survey Report.
    • Detailed Design Scope
    • On plot piping design
    • Offplot 5.7km 3” pipeline designPipeline stress analysis by means of CAESAR II software
    • Hydraulic analysis
    • All associated electrical, civil, loss prevention and I&C works
  • “As-Built” Drawings
    • Preparation of “As-Built” drawings as per red-marked AFC drawings, stamped and approved by QP

Technical data

The pipeline parameters:

  • Nominal Diameter (mm) 88.9
  • Approximate Length (km) 5.7
  • Flowrate 100 tpd (max. 5203 kg/h-125 tpd) Corrosion Allowance (mm) 3.12
  • Design Pressure, Bar(g) 48.3
  • Design Temperature oC 58.1 (Max. Operating Temperature)
  • Pigging Requirements Intelligent
  • Pipeline Construction Type Above Ground, Partially Buried
  • Insulation Yes; Hot ; 11/2"


Al Yasr Townsand & Bottum (AYTB) / Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem), Qatar