Doha North Sewerage Treatment & Associated Works
TSE3 Pumping Station & Mains, Qatar

The principal elements of the Works constructed TSE Mains and TSE Pumping Station TSE 3. Energoprojekt ENTEL provided consultancy services that consisted of activities performed during several project phases:

  • Preparatory Works
  • Permission Works
  • Material Specification
  • Design Development
  • Preparation of BOQ inside the boundary of TSE3 PS
  • MEICA (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, Automation) Engineering Verification
  • General and Coordination Activities

Services provided

Preparatory Works

  •  Confirmation of the contents of Contract Documents.
  • Review of the design philosophy and criteria of the Project and Contract Documents
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan for Design Works
  • Review of all design criteria and standards

Survey Works:

  • Pipeline Route Survey for the confirmation of rough coordinates of the Main and chambers
  • Verification of Topographical Survey, Trial Pits, Soil Investigation Survey and  Condition Surveys.


Permission Works

Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ):

  • Finalization of pipeline key plan, route drawing, longitudinal sections and cross sections
  • Finalization of the structural design in Main, including thrust blocks
  • Suppliers information input
  • Finalization of standard details of chambers on the Main
  • Finalization of BOQ for procurement

Material Specification:

  • Assessment of vendors proposals and preparation of balance of revision of existing RFQ
  • Preparation compliance sheet for RFQ
  • Confirmation of the compliance of the suppliers proposal against Contract requirements
  • Clarification of the suppliers deviation and clarification
  • Preparation of deviation list
  • Confirmation of the specification of civil structure and piping equipment

Technical data

  • STW to North Road:15.5 km of twin 1600 mm dia main
  • Link to Dukhan Road:11.7 km of 1600 mm dia main
  • Link to Arab League Street: 2.7 km of 1200 mm dia main
  • Link to Arab League Street: 8.2 km of 800 mm dia main
  • 70 Street - North of Jabor Al Naiem:2.8 km of 600 mm dia main
  • Washout main (North Rd Junction 16): 0.25 km of 400 mm dia main
  • TSE 3 pumping station, Generator/HV Building and ancillary structures
  • 6 No. variable speed pumps, motor control centre and ancillary works
  • Standby generators, controls and fuel tanks
  • HV power supply from the primary substation, switchgear and metering
  • Intersite pipework and chambers
  • Power, telecom, storm drainage and foul drainage (including pumping station), potable water network and all other services
  • Roads, paves areas, landscaping, irrigation and other site works
  • Detailed design For TSE 3 mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control items
  • Final surge analysis report for TSE 3 and incorporation of requirements



Marubeni Corporation, Japan