Consultancy Services for a greenfield IWPP facility (3000 MW and 120 MIGD)

Consultancy services for the 3000 MW & 120 MIGD power and water generation plant based on combined cycle (GT-HRSG-ST) power generation, and one of the five options of sea water desalination: RO, MSF, MED, Hybrid RO/MSF and Hybrid RO/MED. Based on the analysis performed, RO technology was recommended, that will lead to the construction of the first Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination plant in Qatar (capacity 10,000 m3/d).

Services provided

  • Study Report on RO Operational Experience and Recommendations
  • Technical Specification and Techno-Cost Effect Report
  • Consultancy services for the Facility D Power and Water Plant design
  • Facility D and RO Pilot Plant site selection with necessary site surveys, investigations, testing and studies
  • Facility D Preliminary Concept Design preparation
  • Preliminary Application for Environmental Permit

Technical data

  • Capacity: 3000 MW and 120 MIGD
  • Combined cycle (GT-HRSG-ST) power generation
  • Reverse Osmosis sea desalination technology



Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)