Consultancy Services for Designing Solutions for Risk Mitigation in existing 35 nos. 132/11kV Substations, Dubai

The works under the Risk Mitigation project include development of the design solutions for the risk mitigation blast and fire resistant barrier to enclose ID Transformer rooms, Shunt Reactor rooms, and Earthing transformer room in 132/11kV substations in Dubai which are facing the roads, pedestrian areas or public spaces. Energoprojekt ENTEL was engaged to provide design and risk mitigation comprehensive analyses and reports, developing solutions from fully closed transformer rooms with artificial cooling and ventilation to the finally chosen solution with natural ventilation and partially transparent barriers. Despite being the time and cost most effective solution, the system posed an extraordinary engineering challenge: the transformer rooms shall simultaneously be opened for the natural air ventilation and cooling, and closed in case of accidents countering explosion and fire. Another aspect of the project took also the extraordinary effort: all substations are in highly populated areas of Dubai, usually with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and the site execution was the project for itself related to obtaining all required permits, harmonizing schedule with required power outages, prompt execution of technically challenging activities.

The Scope of Consultancy Services covers design solution (variants) development, tendering, participation in detailed design development, design verification, supervision, witnessing FAT/type tests and the project management services from project initiation to its end. The Consultancy Service is divided into two parts: the tendering and design stage, and the site execution stage.

Part 1 Covers Consultancy Services related to general design solutions and risk analysis report, project scope formation, project tendering process, FAT/type tests and project management services.

Part 2 includes all activities related to project construction execution including site supervision, inspection, material acceptances, and work verification.

Services provided

  • Tender documents preparation and verification;
  • Clarifications to queries raised by tenderers (EPC contractors) during the tendering stage;
  • Technical evaluation of received bids and preparation of Technical evaluation report;
  • Commercial Evaluation of received bids and preparation of commercial evaluation report and final recommendations;
  • Tender negotiations and assistance in contract award;
  • Preparation of respective contract documents;
  • Review and Approval of Contractor’s documentation (including design, material and method statement approval, etc.);
  • Advisory participation in the detail design process, collaboration (inputs and task definition) with design-specialists;
  • Design refinement and limit engineering to reach the optimum balanced satisfaction of opposite technical project requirements;
  • Project Management (including but not limited to overall project management, schedule controlling, monitoring, interface management and controlling, etc.) for both consultancy stages;
  • Site Supervision of site construction activities, testing and witnessing the tests by the contractor on all equipment during and after the construction;
  • FATs in the manufacturers’ facilities;
  • Review and Approval of contractor’s As-Built Drawings;
  • Warranty Period Services.

Technical data

  • 32 nos. 132/11kV Substations in Dubai
  • 90 IDT-rooms, 17 Shunt reactor rooms, 38 ET-rooms
  • Front Enclosure blast and fire resistant barriers
  • Special steel door and corrugated steel blast barrier
  • Complete closure of 2.2m
  • 52% of direct air transparency above 2.2m – natural ventilation
  • 5kN/m2 blast resistance, Integrity under 4 hours fire
  • State of the art design, unique solution, prototype testing
  • Limit engineering beyond the conservative code provisions
  • State of the art design software and testing facility use
  • Unique project task, opposite technical requirements
  • Unique design solution, never and nowhere developed before.



Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA)