Consultancy Services for Prequalification of Manufacturers of Ductile Iron Pipes, Polyethylene Pipes And Fittings & Water Flow Meters, Bahrain

Consultancy Services for prequalification of manufacturers of Ductil Iron Pipes, Polythylene Pipes and Fittings & Water Flow Meters, including:

  • Revised material specifications,
  • Prequalification Form
  • Prequalification Procedure
  • List of the Prospective Manufacturers
  • Prequalification Documents Evaluation Report
  • Detailed Inspection and Evaluation Report

Services provided

  • To update the specification(s) in accordance with Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) requirements and latest international standards/technology;
  • To invite manufacturers to submit prequalification document and to receive proposals;
  • To study technical aspects of the submissions and evaluate the documents submitted by the participating manufacturers for prequalification and prepare clarification questionnaire to manufacturers, as required;
  • To evaluate Manufacturer's replies, to compile final technical proposals and to indicate deviations and recommend manufacturers which should be rejected and manufacturers proposed for the factory inspection;
  • To visit manufacturer’s premises in order to re-confirm ranking done during document review stage and to assess manufacturers capabilities;


Electricity and Water Authority (EWA)