Design and Supervision Services for Distribution Network in Samail Town, Oman

The project objective is to provide water to the citizens of Samail town by means of HDPE pipeline network. The network covers an area of 35 km2. Population both urban and rural is estimated to 47, 000 inhabitants and there are more than 35 villages. Water demand is calculated on the base of 150-135 lit/c/d for the year 2020, which will assure water consumption in the range of 7,100 – 9,300 m3/day in the year of 2030.

Water Supply Scheme has been developed taking in consideration existing and future development plan. All equipment is designed to meet the water demands for future expansion of the areas addressed.

The scope of the project consists of procurement, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning with respect to:

  • Topographical survey and soil investigation
  • Construction of HDPE network which includes: HDPE pipeline varying from 125 dia to 250 dia – 156 km; Valve chambers – 370 nos; Fire Hydrants – 480 nos; House connections – 700 nos
  • Construction of DI transmission network which includes: DI pipeline consisting of 300 & 400 dia – 24 km
  • Construction of Break tank compound which includes: Reservoir capacity 1200 cum with two compartments; Valve chambers – 3 no; Guard House, Internal Road, Access Road, Mechanical & Electrical works
  • Construction of Administration Compound which includes Office Building (670 m2); Mosque, Guard House, Internal Roads, Mechanical & Electrical works
  • Construction of Water Reservoir at Al Heil which includes HDPE Reservoir capacity – 90 m3; Valve arrangement and fencing, Access Road, Mechanical & Electrical works
  • Construction of Booster Pump compound at Al Heil which includes Booster pump set and shade; Mechanical & Electrical works
  • Instrumentation & SCADA consist of Database Engineering Design; Fiber optic cable network with all accessories – 35 km; PLC/SCADA/UPS – 6 stations; Water quality analyzers, Level indicators, Pressure gauges etc. – 6 stations.

Services provided

  • Engineering Services
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final (Detailed) Design
  • Tender Preparation
  • Tender Evaluation and Contract preparation
  • Investigation Works and Report
  • Construction Supervision Services

Technical data

  • Network HDPE pipelines (DN 125 to 250): 156 km
  • Transmission DI pipelines (DN 300 & 400): 24 km
  • Chambers: 370 nos
  • Fire Hydrants: 480 nos



Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW)