Reinforcement of Water Transmission System in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Oman

The Public Authority for electricity and Water is committed to reinforce the existing Water Transmission System in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate in Oman. The current transmission system is inadequate to meet rapidly increasing demand either of households or special demands imposed by industrial areas developed by PEIE, as well as institutional, touristic and government facilities. The planned reinforcement includes enhancement of transmission pipeline, upgrade of existing pumping system, construction of new pumping stations with balancing reservoirs, as well as construction of new strategic reservoir.

The project is proposed to cross through all the Wilayats of Al Dakhiliyah Governorate which are covered by PAEW networks and Tankers supplied areas.

The scope of Engineering Services related to the reinforcement of Al Dakhiliyah Transmission System is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (Short Term Works)

  • Detailed design and construction of upgradation of pumps
  • Design and construction of new water transmission pipelines (CS pies with diameter of 1600 mm, in the length of 14 km)
  • Value engineering study and workshop for the proposed works
  • Supervision of the proposed construction works.

Conventional tender documents will be prepared for the above works based on local standard conditions of contract.

Phase 2 (Long Term Works)

  • Water transmission pipeline (CS pipe with diameter varying from 500 to 1700 mm, in the length of 192 km)
  • Summit strategic storage reservoir at Izki, capacity of 350,000 m3.
  • New pump stations and equalizing storages
  • Integration of new reservoirs & pumping stations with the existing SCADA system & with GPRS standby and subsequently to main Central Control Room at Bawshar in Muscat on GPRS communication network.
  • Any other associated civil, electrical, mechanical, SCADA and instrumentation works as necessary
  • Value engineering study and workshop for the proposed works

The above works will be executed through EPC mode of contract based on FIDIC Standard Condition (Yellow Book).

Services provided

  • Preliminary Design – Phase I
  • Detailed Design – Phase I
  • Tender Documents – Phase I
  • Evaluation of Bidders – Phase I
  • Construction Supervision – Phase I
  • Outline Design – Phase II
  • Tender Documents – Phase II
  • Evaluation of Bids – Phase II

Technical data

  • Phase I: 28 mil EUR
  • Phase II: 400 mil EUR


Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW)