FEED for Extension of Manifolds at Jaleha, FS & KMDS, Qatar

Qatar Petroleum (QP) has planned to drill a number of oil producing wells all over Dukhan fields in the coming years to enhance oil production. In the existing Jaleha North and South Manifolds, Fahahil South Manifold and Khatiyah Main Manifold, located in the respective Degassing Stations, sufficient free slots are not available to connect the new wells. It is, therefore proposed to create eight (8) new additional slots, into one modular manifold, in each of these locations for future connection of new wells. Each module of eight (8) slots is required in Jaleha North and South Manifolds, Fahahil South Manifold and the West side of Khatiyah Main Degassing Stations.

The Project objective is to provide thirty two (32) additional slots - one set of additional eight (8) slots modular manifold close to each of the four existing manifolds area, namely at Jaleha North and South Manifolds, Fahahil South Manifolds and Khatiyah Main West side Manifolds area (hereinafter referred as “Project”). The design of new manifolds shall be conventional type similar to the existing, with the slots catering to the new 6” flow lines.

The manifolds shall have provision to divert the flow of each well either to Station Production Separators or to any of the Test Separators.

Services provided

  • Surveys and site investigations of existing facilities associated with the services:
    • Survey existing facilities, including underground, with respect to all disciplines as appropriate.
    • Identify and verify all interfaces, tie-in points and interlocks between existing and new facilities under the subject of the SERVICES.
    • Identify preliminary locations for both possible temporary and likely permanent works
    • Verify availability and adequacy of all required utilities and services.
    • Topographical survey and underground services survey and prepare reports and drawings.
    • Identify and retrieve existing geotechnical survey reports for the area to establish foundation design criteria.
  • Preparation of Design Basis Memorandum, including:
    • Design Basis,
    • Proposed variation to specifications and standards
    • Outline of operating and control philosophy
    • Constraints & Areas of concerns
    • Constructability, including shutdown requirements
    • Corrosion prevention and material selection
    • Utilities requirements
    • Safety and loss prevention philosophies, e.g. fire detection protection and alarm for all new equipment including power isolation in the event of fire or any kind of emergency
  • Preparation of EPIC Tender Package:
    • Prepare EPIC Scope of Work (SOW) document based on the SOW template for all disciplines.
    • Prepare a consolidated, itemized Bill of Quantities for the EPIC work.
    • Prepare a consolidated Level II Planning Package commencing from issue of EPIC Tender until EPIC Close-Out.
    • Prepare a consolidated Cost Estimate for EPIC Scope of Work,
    • Prepare Contract Execution Plan.
    • Prepare Procurement Lists.
  • Compile Appendices A (Scope of Work), B (Schedule of Prices), F (Drawings) and H (Contract Execution Plan).
  • Complete Front-End Engineering Design (Process, Piping, Civil/Structural, Electrical, l&C, Loss Prevention, Building Services, Telecom and Environment)
  • Design Studies
  • HAZID, HAZOP & SIL Studies.

Technical data

  • Two manifolds at Jaleha Degassing Station
  • One new eight-well slots manifold at Fahahil South Degassing Station
  • One new eight well slots manifold at Khatiyah Main Degassing Station
  • Additional fire and gas systems and active fire protection equipment
  • extension of the Heat Shield
  • Wind socks



Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar