Consultancy Services for Additional Capacity Implementation (ACI), defining directions for the short/medium term electricity/water generation system development in Qatar; Consultancy Services for the construction of greenfield IWPP facility (2400 MW and 130 MIGD), Qatar

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) has developed three (3) separate Additional Capacity Implementation (ACI) Strategies to ensure the forecasted demands for power and water are addressed in an efficient and timely manner. The strategies address extension of current power/water capacities, as well as construction of new greenfield IWWP plant. Considering the time required to have the capacity expansion of the existing facilities (Strategies #1 and #2)  and the time required for greenfield development in the nominated sites  (Strategy #3), as well as new industrial water facility (Strategy #4), Energoprojekt Entel has conducted an overall assessment of the expansion under the three scenarios. The assessment study has recommended to KM the most suitable optimized options to achieve safe, economical and reliable expansion of the existing production, i.e. the way forward regarding Strategy #1, #2 or #3. Consultancy services provided for the construction of new greenfield IWWP plant (2400 MW of power and 130 MIG of water) enabled the most suitable Bidder to be selected and construction/legal/financial activities closed in the most suitable manner.

Services provided

  • Strategy Assessment and Way Forward
  • Pre-Qualification process for the selection of Qualified Bidders for implantation od Strategies #1, #2 and #3;
  • Preparation of Request for Bid (RFB) package for the new Greenfield plant;
  • Management of IWPP bidder’s requests for Clarifications, management and log of Bid Clarifications Lists and relevant communications between the Client and the Bidders;
  • Bid Evaluation, Bidder post selection and approval of the Preferred Bidder;
  • Advising KAHRAMAA in relation to various Financial and Legal activities related to financial close of the projects.
  • Risk Review Report.

Technical data

  • Strategy #1 envisaged time extension of the existing plant RAFASAT.
  • Strategy #2 envisaged new 36 MIGD water generation plant
  • Strategy #3 envisaged new 2400 MW and 130 MIGD water and electricity generation plant - Facility D.
  • Strategy #4 envisaged industrial water production from new dedicated facility.


Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)