Consultancy Services for DXBHILS (PSS 04), GRENHILS (PSS 05) and RABWAH (PSS 07) 132/11 kV Substations at Dubai Hills Estate Development of EMAAR, Dubai

The works under the PSS 04 Substation Project and PSS 05 and 07 Substations Project include construction of three 132/11 kV substations within Dubai Hills Estate Development of EMAAR Properties Developer, to cater for the power supply of the new Dubai Hills Mall along with the adjacent utility service providers and of the neighbourhood communities speard in the area of this Dubai future landmark.

The Scope of Consultancy Services covers tendering, design review, site supervision, witnessing FAT/type tests and warranty services etc. for the EPC works, divided in two projects as listed above and which included, along the standard concept of 132/11 kV substation as per requirements of End User DEWA, also the provision of two 132 kV shunt reactors for the compensation of the reactive power generated by the 132 kV cables of the pertaining grid.

Services provided

  • Tender documents preparation and verification
  • Clarifications to queries raised by tenderers (EPC contractors) during tendering stage
  • Technical evaluation of received bids and preparation of Technical evaluation report
  • Commercial Evaluation of received bids and preparation of commercial evaluation report and final recommendations
  • Tender negotiations and assistance in contract award
  • Preparation of respective contract documents
  • Review and Approval of Contractor’s documentation (including design, material and method statement approval, etc.)
  • Project Management (including but not limited to overall project management, schedule controlling, monitoring, interface management and controlling, etc.) for each of the two projects
  • Site Supervision of site construction and installation activities, testing and witnessing the tests by Contractor on all equipment during and after the construction
  • FATs in the manufacturers’ facilities
  • Supervision of the commissioning and subsequent warranty period services of all civil, electromechanical and other works comprising of the three numbers 132/11kV Substations and confirmation of compliance with the EPC contract as applicable to each project
  • Review and Approval of contractor’s As-Built Drawings
  • Warranty Period Services.

Technical data

  • 3 nos. 132 kV substations including
  • 132 KV GIS
  • 132/11 kV power transformers
  • 11 kV switchgear
  • 11/0.4 kV earthing transformers
  • LVAC System
  • Protection System and DC System
  • Ancillary services, including HVAC and FPS
  • 2 nos. 132 kV shunt reactors



Dubai Hills Estate, a subsidiary of Emaar Properties Developer