Engineering Services for Assessor Role for RAF-A3 Water Desalination Plant, Qatar

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa), the power and potable water off-taker of State of Qatar, has entered into a WPA with Qatar Electricity & Water Company (QEWC) for the development of a seawater RO desalination plant in Ras Abu Fontas (RAF-A3 IWP) in Qatar with 36 MIGD water capacity on a build, own and operate basis.

The Facility shall principally comprise of Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination plant consisting 13+1 RO trains and each RO trains of 12,625 m3/day production rate capacity and net plant capacity of 36 MIGD at reference Seawater Conditions, Seawater System consisting 2 Offshore seawater pipelines, Pumping station, Seawater pre-Treatment Plant with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Coagulant dosing, Mixing and flocculation, Filtration through disk and ultrafiltration membrane.

Services provided

Design Phase:
Review of the design of the Facility to verify compliance of the EPC Contractor’s Facility design with the Proposed Basic Design of the Facility. The review was based on checking for compliance with the Basic Design as follows:

  • A review of the main system's and equipment’s redundancy philosophy:
  • A review of the acceptability of the EPC Contractor’s proposed design standards;
  • A review of EPC Contractor’s quality assurance, safety and design procedures;
  • A review of the adequacy of the EPC Contractor’s site survey information and sample testing procedures;
  • A review of the EPC Contractor’s interpretation of the results of the site investigations;
  • A review of the design basis for the civil, electrical and mechanical works with respect to the Project requirements and local environmental conditions;
  • The Assessor reviewed the following documents during design phase of the Project:
    • Documents to be submitted to Government Authorities
    • Data and calculations
    • Diagrams and graphs
    • Drawings and plans
    • Drawings and Information for Civil Works & Buildings
    • Lists and Schedules
    • Reports
    • Description, documents, manuals
    • Commissioning schedule & procedures
  • An examination of the EPC Contractor’s quality control procedures including inspection arrangements;
  • A review of the interfaces between the Facility and all external connections; and
  • A report to KAHRAMAA and the QEWC immediately upon finding that any element of the design of the Facility is not in compliance with the requirements, including in this report an identification of available remedies and effect on the Construction Programme due to such non- compliance.

Construction Phase:

The Assessor was responsible to carry out his duties for the Construction Activities of the Facility, by means of inspection and monitoring associated with the design, manufacture, fabrication, construction, commissioning, operability, reliability and maintainability of the Facility:

  • Review and provide opinion on the technical aspects of the WPA (including technical appendices) and the EPC Contract (including technical appendices) and verify that the EPC Contract is consistent with the requirements of the WPA, including the Bid.
  • Review of the construction program;
  • Monitor the project implementation schedule;
  • Review and provide comments to the Parties with respect to any interface issues between the Facility and the Grid Systems;
  • Preparation and issue to the Parties of a monthly progress report with respect to those activities in which the Assessor has been involved, including schedule monitoring;
  • Monitor the Construction progress by regular visits as instructed jointly by KAHRAMAA and the Company.;
  • Develop and implement an integrated plan for monitoring, inspecting and witnessing testing of the contract works;
  • Develop and implement procedures and documentation to manage, record and communicate the Assessor’s inspection, expediting and witnessing activities;
  • Inspect at suppliers’ works for assurance of quality and expediting of major plant components and equipment as authorized by the Company;
  • Carry out major equipment inspection and factory test results; and

Testing and Commissioning Phase:

  • Review and approve procedures for the commissioning and for main equipment including the Energizing Tests and Load Tests, Performance Tests, Reliability Tests and Acceptance Tests.
  • Witness on energizing tests, load tests. Performance Tests, Reliability Tests and Acceptance Tests, and approving commissioning test results for main equipment.
  • Witness on the installation and testing of the settlement system and Fuel Demand Model.
  • Review and provide comments/approval to the Company and KAHRAMAA with respect to the EPC Contract Performance, Reliability and Acceptance Test results;
  • Assist the Company and KAHRAMAA in responding to any documentary or questions regarding the test results.

Technical data

  • Desalination plant capacity: app. 36 MIGD



Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)