Design Services for RAF-A3 Associated Transmission Pipelines at Ras Abu Fontas Area, Qatar

The scope of this work is to provide detailed design, supply material and construction (erecting, testing and commissioning) of the work components details as follows:

  • Conduct Hydraulic study on piping system of RAF-A3 desalination plant associated pipelines including related future and existing piping.
  • Collect all drawings and necessary information, results of hydraulic analysis and conduct surge analysis with the report for complete piping system provided in this scope of works as well as other related existing piping system and hand over the report with all supporting documents to the RAF-A3 Desalination Plant Contractor/ Company.
  • Construction of new 900, 1200 and 1400 mm distillate transmission pipelines with an approximate total length of 22, 28 and 5350 meters respectively from tie-in point to 1400 mm RAF-A3 pipeline constructed by others inside proposed Ras Abu Fontas Plant and up to proposed interconnection points of existing distillate transmission pipelines shown on Drawing No. 49/01/00.

The design and construction of the works was awarded to HBK Contracting Company under Contract No. GTC626B/2O14 RAF A3. ENTEL  has been appointed by HBK to undertake the design works for the project.

Services provided

A.    Hydraulics & Surge Analyses:

  • Conduct Hydraulic study on p1pmg system of RAF-A3
  • Collect all required data necessary to Conduct Surge Analysis for selected scenarios and prepare a full report for the complete piping system of RAF-A3 to selected Kahramaa reservoirs.
  • Establish Design study / standby pumping parameters for RAF-A3 pumping station.

B.    Mechanical:

  • Design review, approval and endorsement of mechanical detailed design Drawings and documents for valve chamber

C.    Structural:

  • Thrust block calculations.
  • Structural Design with Calculation and BBS for Valve Chambers.

D.    Other Design Works:

  • Design review, approval and endorsement of plan and profile pipeline drawings.
  • Technical support for MS preparation concerning design related items limited to the scope of work of this Sub-Contract.
  • Design support services during construction, limited to the scope of work of the Subcontract.

Technical data

  • 900, 1200 and 1400 mm distillate transmission pipelines - total length of 22, 28 and 5,350 meters respectively


HBK Contracting Company