Engineering Consultancy Services for 2 Nos. SVCs at NHDA & CARX 400kV Buses and Associated Modification Works, Dubai

The project addresses installation of SVC systems at Nahda & Car Complex 400kV Substations of Dubai Water and Electricity Authority.

The Scope of Consultancy Services covers tendering, design verification, supervision, witnessing FAT/type tests and warranty services etc. for the installation of +/- 200 MVAR Static Var Compensators at NHDA & CARX 400kV Substations.

SVCs were installed to provide fast acting continuously controlled reactive power to DEWA’s EHV system. This reactive power is primarily required for voltage control purposes under post fault system operating conditions when transient under or over-voltages may occur to provide dynamic stability to the System. The SVCs will also provide transmission system voltage support under normal system operating conditions during the natural daily load cycle. In addition, SVCs can provide voltage support to the transmission network when it is being restored under a black start condition. The SVC together with its associated plant and material necessary for the units to operate as a complete system are required for fast voltage support and transient stability applications associated with the interconnections and the large percentage induction type air conditioning loads in the network. The SVC shall provide adequate reactive power support to limit temporary over voltages, mitigate voltage instabilities and assist in preventing voltage collapse or motor stalling following system faults. SVCs with rating +200MVAr to -200MVAr, with 296MVAR TCRs, 116MVAR TSC & 84MVAR Harmonic Filters (3rd, 5th, 7th & HF), were installed at existing 400/132kV NHDA Substation and at 400/132kV CARX Substation.

Services provided

  • Tender documents preparation and verification;
  • Clarifications to queries raised by tenderers (EPC contractors) during tendering stage;
  • Capability study of manufacturers of SVC and specialized SVC Components
  • Technical evaluation of received bids and preparation of Technical evaluation report;
  • Commercial Evaluation of received bids and preparation of commercial evaluation report and final recommendations;
  • Tender negotiations and assistance in contract award;
  • Preparation of respective contract documents ;
  • Review and Approval of Contractor’s documentation (including design, material and method statement approval, etc.);
  • Project Management (including but not limited to overall project management, schedule controlling, monitoring, interface management and controlling, etc)
  • Site Supervision of site construction activities, testing and witnessing the tests by contractor on all equipment during and after the construction;
  • FATs in the manufacturers’ facilities;
  • Supervision of the commissioning and subsequent warranty period services of all civil, electromechanical and other works comprising EHV/HV Substations, Power Cables, extension to the existing SCADA and Telecommunication systems, etc., and confirmation of compliance with the EPC contract as applicable
  • Review and Approval of contractor’s As-Built Drawings;
  • Warranty Period Services.

Technical data

  • 2 nos. Static Var Compensators
  • 2 nos. 400kV GIS Extension Bay
  • 2 nos. 400/19kV, 210MVA Power Transformers
  • 4 nos. 148MVAR Thyristor Controlled Reactors
  • 2 nos. 116MVAR Thyristor Switched Capacitors
  • 2 sets 84 MVAR Harmonic Filters (3rd, 5th, 7th & HF)
  • 2 sets Thyristor Control Systems
  • 6sets Thyristor Cooling Systems
  • 2 nos. 19kV Earthing Transformers
  • 2nos. 19kV/400V Auxiliary Transformers
  • 2set All ancillary equipment



Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA))