Petroleum Industry of Serbia's Refinery Power Plant (200 MW), Serbia

The Power Plant to be constructed shall be able to meet the needs of Petroleum Industry of Serbia's Refinery with respect to process steam. The facility shall be a combined steam-gas cycle power plant, with total power output of approximately 200 MWe. The heat to be produced by the CCPP Pančevo (as process steam) shall be delivered to the Oil Refinery Pan?evo, while the generated electricity shall be delivered to the Electric Power System of Serbia.

The fuel to be used is natural gas. The maximum expected natural gas consumption, based on the energy balances assembled, shall reach approx. 41,000 Sm3/h.

A combined cycle power plant (CCPP) shall have a 2x2x1 configuration, consisting of two (2) identical gas turbine generator units (GTs), two (2) identical heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and one (1) condensing steam turbine with closed-circuit cooling system.

In addition to design preparation, Eneroprojekt ENTEL also provided Permit engineering services that enabled the Client to obtain all necessary approvals, permits and design and construction conditions, up to the provision of Use Permit.

Services provided

  • Conceptual solution
  • Basic design
  • Design for Building Permit
  • Design for execution
  • As-built design
  • Permit Engineering

Technical data

  • Power output: 200 MWe
  • Net efficiency: 70.4%
  • Commissioning: 2020


Shanghai Electric Corporation