Early Warning System on Krajkovac River Dam, Serbia

Krajkovac Lake is an artificial lake created by a fill dam constructed on the river Krajkovac, Serbia. The dam is located roughly 15 km upstream from the populated place Merosina. The results of Dam Break Analyses indicated that a flood wave following a breach failure of the dam will quickly reach a nearby settlement of Merosina. Based on the results obtained, an early warning system has been decided to be implemented. This system consists of: monitoring station on a dam; sub-control center on dam; early warning sirens, one installed at dam and five ones installed downstream close to populated areas. System control will be provided from an existing main control center  located in the City of Nis. Communication between control centers and sirens are ensured by the means of radio communications

Services provided

  • Design for Execution

Technical data

  • Dam height: 36.5 m
  • Water accumulation: 160,000 m3
  • Number of alarm sirens: 5



Public Water Enterprise “SerbiaWaters”, WMC "Morava" Nis