Installation of Multiplex Equipment PABX and Power Supply Units in 60 nodes for the purpose of establishing backbone telecom network of Electric Power Industry of Serbia, Serbia

Project implementation addresses installation of the following equipment:

SDH multiplexers with STM interfaces (STM-16, STM-4 or STM-1), 2 Mbit/s interfaces and Ethernet interfaces

PDH multiplexers, described in detail, with following interfaces:

  • 2 Mbit/s, ITU-T G.703
  • 64 kbit.s codirectional
  • FXS
  • FXO
  • 2w/4w wit E&M signalization
  • V.24/V.28

PABX with analogue and digital extensions, PSTN trunks and special CO trunks

48 VDC power supply with following characteristics:

  • Capacity (including 50% of spare) 700 Ah, 500 Ah or 300 Ah
  • Rectifier 6.5 kVA, 4.5 kVA or 2.5 kVA (depending on the size of the node)

Services provided

Detailed Design

  • Specification of PDH multiplexers
  • Specification of PABX
  • Specification of Power supply 48 VDC
  • Specification of cables, main distribution frames, optical distribution frames, telephone distribution frames
  • Specification of AirConditioning units
  • Calculation of optical links (attenuation and chromatic dispersion) and calculation of power supply (voltage drop)
  • Installation details


Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)