Telecommunication System in Kolubara Open Pit Mine, Serbia

The project addresses telecommunication network for supporting SCADA system, telephony, computer network, CCTV, access control and future facilities in KOLUBARA Coal Mine Complex.

Proposed network provides interconnection of more than 100 sites within KOLUBARA Coal Mine Complex. The network is controlled from two Control centers. One Control center controls telecommunication equipment, while the other is responsible for supervision and maintenance of production processes. The design of the network is based on high availability of all nodes in Primary subnetwork. For this reason every site has two independent links to Control centers.Central equipment proposed in this project is IP based.

All proposed telecommunication equipment is supervised, monitored and maintained from one location using centralized Network Management System. Production process is monitored also from one location, using Omni sight software for centralized supervision and control

Services provided

  • Basic Design

Technical data

  • More than 100 sites




Open Pit Mines KOLUBARA