Engineering Consultancy Services for PA/GA, CCTV, Field Telephones & MPLS Systems in Dukhan Fields, Qatar

This Project is spread over seventy-six (76) sites within Dukhan Fields Area, which is located in the western part of Qatar, approximately ninety-five (95) km from the capital Doha. Dukhan Field Area extends about eighty-five (85) km from north to south, in a corridor, which is roughly fifteen (15) km wide. Prior to project execution, there were no PA/GA, CCTV and Field Telephony network infrastructure to meet the needs for safe operations, communications and remote visual monitoring of stations (with only a few exceptions).

The proposed Telecommunication Systems and infrastructure shall comprise of backbone system, associated subsystems and accessories:

  • IP-based PA/GA system interfacing with local Fire and Gas Systems and Dukhan PABX.
  • IP-based CCTV system.
  • Decommissioning and replacement of existing analogue CCTV systems (a few).
  • Field telephones interfacing with Dukhan PABX via existing SDH Transmission Network.
  • MPLS-based IP backbone serving as the IP infrastructure for providing the network traffic needs of the PA/GA and CCTV systems. It shall serve as the common IP infrastructure for the future applications like real-time voice and video transmissions.
  • Fibre Optic Cables for interconnecting of sites using existing optical fibre optic cables where spare (dark) fibre cores are available. Engineer and design new fibre optic cables between stations where the spare fibre core(s) are not adequate or no fibre optic cables are available between stations. It is envisaged that approximately 54 km of new optical fibre cable links will need to be designed to integrate all the required locations within the network.

The MPLS backbone and the Telecom Subsystems comprising of CCTV, and PA/GA shall be designed such that there shall not be any single point of failure for all major components within the System or the Network.

Services provided

  • Site survey and documentation retrieval and issuing of Site survey report
  • Design Base Memorandum (DBM)
  • Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) verification and preparation of all required deliverables related to FEED
  • Detail Design for required systems
  • Tender Documents preparation
  • Assistance in Technical and Commercial Evaluation of received Tender Proposals.


Qatar Petroleum (QP)