Design of Physical/Technical Security System for TPP Kostolac, Serbia

The company Kostolac Coal Mines and Power Plants, as a complex system that comprises two surface mines, "Cirikovac" and “Drmno" and two thermal power plants, TPP KOSTOLAC A and TPP KOSTOLAC B, from the security aspect is exposed to the examples of alienation and unconscionable disposal of property. The project has defined strategic security plans, an assessment of potential threats has been provided, security measures have been designed, their implementation and monitoring proposed. Measures of physical and technical protection are unified. The organization of physical security, intrinsic and external forces, their equipment, communication, reaction speed has been considered. The technical aspect of security provides conditions for fences, gates, video surveillance systems, access controls, lighting levels, etc.

Services provided

  • Preliminary Design

Technical data

  • 10.000 m of new panel fence with doors
  • 60 new video surveillance cameras
  • 6500 m of new optical cables



Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS)