Qatar Power Transmission System Expansion, Phase VII -Telecommunication equipment, Qatar

Phase VII of the Qatar Power Transmission System expansion includes expansion of telecommunication system as follows:

  • Telecommunication equipment (SDH and PDH equipment, STM-1/4 with 155/622 Mb/s) for modification, extension and upgrade of the existing telecommunication system and associated works for the interconnection of the new substations (total 27) into existing Telecommunication System
  • Establishment of Fiber Optic cables and DTS (Distributed Temperature Sensing) System for the new Power cable lines
  • Establishment of OPGW (Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire) for the new and replacement of existing OHL (Over Head Lines)
  • Telephone equipment
  • Telecommunication management system modifications or upgrading
  • Telecommunication power supply equipment
  • Teleprotection equipment.

Services provided

  • Preparation of Tender Documents
  • Clarifications to queries raised by Tenderers during tendering stage
  • Commercial Evaluation of bids
  • Preparation of commercial evaluation report and final recommendations
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Review and approval of Contractor’s Construction Drawings
  • Project Management (including schedule controlling, monitoring, interface management and controlling, etc.)
  • Site Supervision of construction activities, testing and witnessing the tests by contractor on all equipment during and after the construction
  • Supervision of commissioning
  • Review and approval Contractor’s As-Built Drawings
  • Supervision of Warranty Period Services

Technical data

  • SDH/PDH Telecommunication Equipment: 27 terminals
  • Underground Fiber Optic Cables: 320 km
  • OPGW: 410 km
  • Telephone equipment for: 27 substations
  • Teleprotection equipment: 27 substations



Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)